How To Make It Through A Cleanse With Ease

Cleansing requires a lot of motivation in order to achieve your goal as it might force you to alter your plans according to the times of cleansing or detoxification. In order to make sure that your desire to achieve your goal and your motivation to cleanse you should follow the steps mentioned below in order to overcome all the challenges that you might face:

  • Many women tend to complain that if they shop with an empty stomach they tend to eat a lot more than they actually need. Hence people who are planning to cleanse their body through the process of detoxification should buy all their groceries and other household items before they start off with their cleansing journey.
  • Every individual should come up with a schedule that highlights all the major events that are coming up. This will ensure that your process of cleansing and detoxification does not overlap or clash with the dates when you have a family gathering or event to attend.
  • In order to accomplish any goal, it is very important to have a clear set of guidelines that you should follow. It is better to plan out your guidelines and follow them rigorously. Always keep them in front of you so that you are reminded of them again and again. It will help you remain focused and determined to cleanse your body with ease.
  • Many people believe that they tend to follow their diet charts and plans if they have a company that also wants to follow the same steps. Hence it is better to find out friends from within your social circle who actively take part in such activities. It will not only give you company but see them doing the same activity would make sure feel motivated. Motivated partners or motivated groups or social circles ensure that you stay motivated as well.
  • All the vegetables and fruits that you love should be incorporated in your diet as the will help you get rid of the idea that you are not eating all the other food items that you love. It is a psychological fact that if your taste buds taste the item that you love, it sends a very positive signal and message to your brain.
  • If you are visiting your friends and family members during your cleanse journey or even before you start it, it is better to share your plans with them. They will point out all the positive aspects linked with cleansing hence you will feel more motivated to achieve your goal.  It will also ensure that you are not forced by your family or friends to eat something that goes against your diet chart or cleansing schedule. They will make sure that they respect your decision and help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Once you are on the road to success, make sure that you pen down all your memories and parts linked to the cleansing journey. It will help you relive all the moments again in future when you want to. Moreover, in future, if you plan to start the cleansing journey again it will help you to stay motivated and complete your struggle. The memories can also be shared with friends and family members, as you would be inspirational sources for them to start and achieve something out of the cleansing of their body. People tend to believe individuals who talk about results rather than other aspects that are not backed up by proofs. 

Gut Health Healing Intensive: Gut-Healthy Smoothies

If you have a high speed blender, add all of the ingredients in the order they are listed (WITHOUT the ice). Blend until smooth. If you want your smoothie to be colder, add ice cubes, then blend.If you DO NOT have a high speed blender, add the almond milk, banana, apples, and dates to the blender. Blend until smooth. Feel free to add a few more tablespoons of almond milk to get the mixture going, if needed. Then add pumpkin seeds, hemp protein, and spices to the mixture and blend well. If you would like your smoothie to be colder, add ice cubes and blend well. For each smoothie, simply blend all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender or normal stand-up blender. Feel free to add water to reach your desired thickness.Use organic produce whenever possible. Each smoothie recipe serves two people or may be used as a substitute for one large meal.Protein is important in the morning. You can add extra protein to any smoothie by including a scoop of your favorite protein powder. Try hemp protein by Nutiva, Rockin’ Wellness, Sunwarrior or pea protein. You can also use 3tablespoons of hemp seeds. Make your smoothie colder by adding 3 to 5 ice cubes. Looking for a few ideas to add to your smoothie? Add in a teaspoon of any one of the following:

  • hemp seeds
  • flax seeds
  • chia seeds
  • spirulina
  • bee pollen
  • unsweetened shredded coconut
  • raw cacao powder
  • raw honey
  • stevia
  • superfoods (maca, lucuma, wheatgrass powder)
  • matcha powder
  • detox greens: dandelion, parsley, cilantro, radish
  • sprouts of any kind
  • camu camu for vitamin C
  • protein powder
  • goji berries, currants, dates(limit if weight loss is desired)

Once again, if you haven’t read Gut Health Healing Intensive: Foods That Support The Gut (For Omnivores) or Gut Health Healing Intensive: Foods That Support The Gut (For The Vegan Diet) please do! Also, if you are vegan, feel free to opt out out of any of these ingredients as you see fit.

Also, feel free to hashtag #GutHealthIntensiveWithApril on Instagram or Twitter because I’d LOVE to see your progress and your journey!